December 2, 2013

Code Name Friedland - The Explosives and Ammunitions Factory (Part 2)

The actual center of the facility were the production groups for the explosives Trinitrotoluene (TNT) and Picric Acid (TNP).

The TNT production group alone was made up of 13 buildings (Toluene storage, acid combining plant, mononitration plant, Mono (Nitrotoluene) storage, bi-nitration plant, Bi (Binitrotoluene) storage, two washing houses, dry house, pelletizing house, storage and shipping, intermediate tri (TNT) storage).

The two production groups for picric acid were each made up of one Nitration house, washing house, two dry houses, sieve house and acid storage.
After production, the explosive was filled in shells and compressed in 19 compacting houses spread over the facility.

Originally, a third production group for the explosive Nitropenta had been planned, and construction had already begun when in 1940, construction was stopped on orders of the Heereswaffenamt (Army Ordnance Office).

To a large part, the produced TNT was filled in grenades, landmines and aerial bombs on site. For this, two identical filling stations were built, each consisting of two shell storage houses, one preparation building, a casting house, cooling channel and finshing building.

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