December 16, 2013

Urban Autopsy - The Abandoned Institute for Anatomy

It was a short visit, but it was definitely worthwile.
Having been documented a lot in the Urban Exploring community, it was clear that not much is left of this now abandoned former university institute for anatomy.
The vandals have really outdone themselves and taken apart large areas of the auditorium and the other rooms.
Nonetheless, I think it was a great start for our weekend-exploration and we managed to get some really nice shots.

As always, here are the HDR shots first, this time along with some other pictures...but I'm keeping the basement shots for the next post...

Part 1 | Part 2


  1. Irgendwie total gruselig ;)
    LG Babs

    1. Na, dann kannst Du Dich ja schon mal auf die Bilder aus dem Keller freuen :)


  2. This is amazing! Could you tell me where is this place?

    1. I'm sorry, but no. To me, locations - no matter how destroyed they already are - need to be protected from further vandalism. That also means that as little as possible is shared concerning the whereabouts of the objects. But I am sure that if you put some effort into it, you'll manage to find it :)


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