November 14, 2013

Cathedral of Industry - The Textile Mill (Part 2)

As promised, here are some more facts about the abandoned textile mill in the middle of Germany.
In 1900/1901, the mill was expanded, and together with five other companies in the area, an own industrial railway was built.
In 1914, the administration building was newly built and the entire production was reorganized to match the needs of the war.
In World War II, parts of the company were totally destroyed, production started again in June of 1945, but rebuilding the factories took as long as 6 years.
In 1971, the production was shut down completely, and the 200 remaining employees were taken up by other companies of the region.
More about the use of the buildings after the original company cloed down and about the current use in my next post.
These are the photos from the first building we entered. Part of the facility has already been demolished, so this building stands alone, a relic from the glorious days of industry...

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  1. Wow....besonders die ersten beiden s/w Aufnahmen sind extrem cool!

    LG und schönes WE

    1. Vielen Dank! Ich denke immer noch an Deinen s/w-Hinweis :)

      Viele Grüße

  2. Die Technik in s/w das passt super zusammen. Schöne Detailaufnahmen.
    LG und gutes WE

    1. Danke Dir :)
      Ich probiere momentan sehr viel rum, was Kameraeinstellungen, aber auch Softwarebearbeitung kann so viel machen, ich bin immer wieder überrascht :)



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