November 4, 2013

Order of St. John - The Sanatorium in the Mountains

Our short vacation took us to more than one location, but this was one of the most impressing.
In the late 1890's, the German Order of St. John decided to start building a sanatorium for lung diseases.
The southern slope of a summit in the Harz Mountains was chosen as a building site and in 1902, the first patients were admitted.
The building was massive. The walls were built of granite three stories high, and next to the comfortable rooms, the patients had a conservatory, a library and a variety of lounges and day rooms at their disposal.

I will tell you more about the history of the sanatorium in the upcoming posts, but for now, I'll start with the HDR photos I took there.


  1. wow, wie findest du bloß immer diese ganzen tollen locations!

    1. Recherche, Recherche, Recherche :)
      Es kostet schon recht viel Zeit, und mittlerweile ist meine To-Do-Liste schon echt lang geworden...

  2. Moin Moin...coole Bilder sind das wieder geworden !

    Echt klasse !


    1. Ich danke Dir!
      Es war auch ein echt schöner Besuch im Harz. Leider hat die Zeit und das Tageslicht nur für dieses eine Objekt gereicht, es gibt da noch ein paar mehr :)

      Viele Grüße

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot! It is a really great location for photos, I'll definitely go there again!


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