February 17, 2013

Abandoned Hospital

After exploring the remains of Kiel's former railway depot last week, this week's target was a partially abandoned hospital complex made up of at least four buildings.
I managed to get into three of them.
The area itself has been "re-populated" in parts. Some of the buildings have been renovated, some have been torn down and new ones have been built.
Four of the big hospital buildings are still abandoned and pretty easy to access.

The complex was built around 1900 and during WWII was used as a military hospital for the navy in Kiel. After the war, the buildings were used by the university, whose buildings had been partially destroyed during the war. For example, the Department of Neurosurgery was relocated into the old hospital.
In 1988, the hospital was closed down.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wow, echt ein toller Fund! In einem LP-Krankenhaus war ich leider noch nicht so richtig. Schade dass dieses hier zu weit weg ist für mich.

    1. Danke Dir!
      Zu weit weg...ist was LPs angeht auch mein größtes Problem, von Kiel aus ist (fast) alles Süden und viel davon weit weg ;) Aber ein paar gibt's noch hier oben.


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