October 22, 2022

Tour Report: The Lonely Jaguar

This was more or less a one-shot location. It was the first of four spots on a tour through Northern Germany in March of 2019. We had heard of this place, but never found the time to check it out, but when we were planning the tour, we thought that it was a good opportunity to put it on the list.

The house is located right at the edge of a small town with neighbors on one side and a field on the other, so to avoid being spotted right away, we had to approach from the field. We managed to find a parking place that wasn't too far away, but still low profile enough, and walked along the fence. When we had almost reached the end of the property, we found a hole in the fence and went in.

There was a lot of undergrowth, so it was hard to move around, but we made our way to the carport. And there it was - a beautiful old Jaguar Mark 2.

Of course, it wasn't in the best condition - there was plenty of rust on the outside, and parts of the interior had been stripped, but I was sure that the car could (and should) be restored. Someone else sure thought the same, because only a few months later, the car was towed away.

Also on the premises was a garage and a barn - both inaccessible - and a gazebo which supposedly was open, but we couldn't reach it because of the undergrowth surrounding it. The house itself was beautiful, but there wasn't any way in as well, so we had to be content with a few outside photos and the photos of the Jaguar.

It was a great start for our day trip!

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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