October 15, 2022

Tour Report: Cycling Track "Victory Wreath"

We had planned one last stop on the way home from our short tour in March of 2019 - an abandoned cycling track. It was located conveniently on the way and presumably easy to reach, so it wouldn't take up too much time, because after all, it was a pretty long drive home.

I had checked for a parking place before we arrived and had found a public parking lot within walking distance of the location. It was Wednesday, so there was a lot of traffic, but since the place was pretty close to the Autobahn, we managed just fine and didn't have to drive a long way through the city. We parked the car, got our gear and walked to the old track.

The place was right at the street and there was a large scrap trading company right next door, and since it was a weekday, there were a lot of workers. We still started walking around to check for access. There was none that we could find. The only option was to climb over the fence, which we did.

I'd never visited a cycling track - neither active nor abandoned - and so this was a pretty exciting location. The excitement was heightened by the fact that there was a worker on a crane in the scrapyard next door who could clearly see me walking around. We didn't want to stress our luck and only took a few photos before climbing out and getting back on the way home.

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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