July 10, 2021

Tour Report: Bunker "The Defensive Command"

As I've said in my last post, there was another bunker to be explored together with our friend Toeppi in September 2018. This second bunker complex was the rear command post of the MfNV (East Germany's Ministry for National Defense). Most of the huge bunker complex that was originally made up of more than thirty individual bunkers has been demolished between the years 2003 and 2005, but the main command post can still be found deep in the forests.

We had to walk for about thirty minutes until we arrived at the facility, and it took another couple of minutes until we had found way in. The main command post has been built completely underground, and it can't really be seen if you're not looking for it. We found an access that had obviously been sealed using concrete slabs, a few of which had probably been smashed by copper thieves in an attempt to enter the bunker.

As we entered, we were shocked to see the bunker in such terrible condition. Vandals and copper thieves had really done a "marvelous" job leaving no stone untouched. Even a fire had scorched some of the rooms, probably when copper thieves burnt off the cable insulation to get to the copper wiring. I didn't even take out my camera and only made a few shots using my cell phone, and I made a video to document the sheer size of the facility.

The overall length of the connecting tunnels between the individual bunkers of the command post was about 700 meters, so it was actually pretty easy to get lost in the place and/or walk in circles before finding the way out...

Due to the bad condition the place was in, it didn't take too much time to explore everything, so we went back to the car after about an hour underground.

You can find the video I made at the end of this post.

You can check out the short video I made of our exploration here:

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