February 11, 2020

Tour Report: Soviet Command Bunker R.

For the finale of our "military only" tour in January of 2018, we chose to vist a relatively large bunker that used to be the command post of a Soviet fighter-bomber division.
Access was easy enough. We could drive right up to the premises, there were no fences, and we quickly found one of the two entrance ways to the bunker.
At almost 500 square meters, this bunker was one of the larger ones we've visited until now, but unfortunately, it was as empty as it was big.
There was literally nothing left in terms of electronic equipment, pipes, consoles - only parts the seperate ventilation were still there.
The bunker was built in the 1960s and in the late 1980s, started undergoing extensive contruction measures for an expansion.
This construction was stopped whe the wall fell and the Cold War was over, so I would think that probaly the bunker had been emptied out for the expansion and renovation, so that there wasn't that much potential for copper thieves and vandals.
What you can find today is basically a concrete shell.
I really liked the place for the long dark corridors inside and also for the parts outside. The long grass covering the ground, the rainclouds that were passing over us...it was a very atmospheric place.

To find out more about the history of this place and to check out more photos, click the button below.

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