October 31, 2019

Tour Report: Old Wine Inn [Revisit]

For New Year's Eve 2017, we got a visit from my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. Since New Year's Eve that year was on a Sunday, the two arrived on Friday to be able to go on a short tour with us - in addition to our traditional New Year's Eve explore.
We didn't want to get up too early and had planned dinner for the evening, so we had to choose locations not too far from home, which meant that for us, it would have to be revisits of locations we'd already visited.
With many locations, I really like revisits. Almost twenty percent of all my explorations have been to places that I've visited before. To me, the revisit is part of documenting the history of a place, because you can see how it changes over time - either through natural decay or (unfortunately) also through vandalism.
This abandoned inn and this particular visit was no different, although I was surprised at the things that had in fact changed.
It was my third visit tho this place. The first was in September of 2016, the second in October of that same year, and now the third visit - more than a year after visit number two.
We parked the car on the exact same spot that we'd used for the first two visits, and we crossed the street to get to the premises. It was Saturday afternoon, and most people were probably shopping for New Years, so there wasn't too much traffic passing us, and we were able to get to the access without being seen. The window was still open, and we were able to enter without trouble.
The first thing I noticed was that the beautiful old wooden chest was gone - along with the old grandfather clock and some other stuff from the central hall. Moving on, we found that even more stuff had been removed - most notably the bar. Well, not the entire bar, but the fixtures, mirrors and shelves; even the bar stools were gone. Only the bar table itself remained.

We got the impression that sometime in the fourteen moths since our last visit, someone had removed most of the furniture that still was in acceptable or good condition. Since there were no apparent signs of forced entry, and the furniture couldn't have been moved out through the small window that we used to get in, I would think that the owner had sold off the things that weren't too moldy.
So, in this particular case, it seemed that not vandals had taken a liking to this place, but that there was an owner who still had at least some sort of interest in the old inn.

Well, at least the moldy things were still there :)

To check out all the photos from this really cool place, click the button below.

The Bar - October 2016 and December 2017

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