October 24, 2019

Tour Report: The Farm of Cars [Revisit]

Exactly one year after our first exploration of the "Farm of Cars", we returned for a revisit. We'd already spent most of our time at the abandoned children's home, and we didn't have a lot of time left before the sun would be starting to set again.
So we decided to pay a revisit to this place, because it was on the way, and Freddy hadn't seen it yet.
As it turns out, it was (almost) too late.
When we arrived, we parked in the exact same spot as the year before. My wife and her mother decided to stay in the car, since they both had seen this place together with me the year before, so Freddy and I went by ourselves.
I already found it peculiar that the front door to the house had been boarded with OSB plates. It gave me a sense of foreboding... We went past the house towards the back yard. There were no cars left there. The place had obviously been cleared.
We were too late.
In the barn, we did find that one car was still there - the old Peugeot 403 that had been the highlight for me during our first visit. So at least we hadn't stopped there for nothing, and we got a few photos out of this place.
We finished off pretty quickly, went back to the car and drove home - after all, it was Christmas, and dinner was waiting :)

To check out all the photos from this place, click the button below.

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