January 20, 2019

Tour Report: Maison Facade

Early in July of 2017, about three weeks after our tour to Fisher's Inn, I teamed up with Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland again. This time, we had planned a quick tour to the abandoned sites in the Eastern part of Germany
We had picked a beautiful Sunday for our tour. It was already pretty warm in the morning and it looked like we were in for a sunny day.
The two main spots for the day were a hospital and a recreation home, but on the way there, we wanted to pay a quick visit to the ruin of an old manor house. I'd had this place on my list for some years, but it was never en route or it was the wrong time of year, because this is a place I wanted to check out while the plants were green and growing.
Anyway, as we got near the spot, we took the road through the forest and parked as close to the ruin as possible. The forest is public, so this was no problem.
The ruin had been secured at some point, but no one seemed to have cared about it afterwards. The fences were all lying flat on the grass, so we could walk around as we pleased.
This was no location to climb around, though. The heavy decay following a fire has made accessing the remains of the building highly dangerous, and there is hardly anything left of the inside anyway.
We did climb in a little bit to get some shots, but those parts were the only that were accessible.
After about forty-five minutes, we had all the shots we wanted from this place and went back to the car to get to the next location.

To check out all the photos from this place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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