January 10, 2019

Tour Report: Fisher's Inn

It was a sunny Saturday in June of 2017, when my wife and I were picked up by our friend Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland for a short tour.
I had stumbled upon this place during my research and since the local new spoke of demolition in the near future, we at least wanted to give it a try.
The place was a classical inn only about an hour drive from our hometown, so we didn't leave too early and had some time to get prepped in the morning.
Once we were there, we realized that the place was right opposite a busy supermarket. We found a parking place a little out of sight, got our gear ready and started checking out the surroundings of the inn at the side that the supermarket visitors couldn't see. There was no hole in the fence and no way to access the premises from the back side, so we walked along the fence straight past the supermarket parking lot and turned right to check out the front of the inn. We walked past eyeballing the place really close, but there was no way in from the front either.
Only as we checked out the far side of the building, we found a small unlocked door. It led straight to the porch of the inn.
But the windows were sealed with boards. Damn.
The inn had been closed in 2014 following a scandal that had to do with bad conditions for laborers that were accomodated there. In 2016, a fire destroyed parts of it. The firefighting operations turned out to be good for us, because the water had softened the boards so much that they coupld easily bent backwards and we were able to crawl in.
Once inside, we took our time.
The soot from the fire had ruined some parts completely, not only in terms of the building itself, but also in therms of photography - but in some rooms, it even made for a cool look in the photos.
The water from the firefighting - and the rain that got in through the now destroyed parts of the roof - had filled a lot of the glasses in the bar that now looked like the leftovers from a particularly messy night  of partying.
In the attic, we found a bunch of stuff - not only furniture of the inn, but also stuff that probably belonged to the former owners. We even discovered a telescope.
When we were finished exploring the place, we got out the same way we got in and went back to the car.

Only a couple of weeks after our visit, the inn was demolished.

To check out all the photos from this place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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