September 2, 2018

Tour Report: Military Airfield P.

On Good Friday of last year, my wife and I met up with our good friends Nordgriller Urbex, Pixelcracker and North Urbex for a nice exploration of an abandoned former airfield in the Eastern part of Germany.
This airfield had been built in 1936 and was used by the Soviets after World War II, who stationed their 21st motorized riflemen division here.
That is what makes this location so interesting - you an find remains of the WWII period when this was used as an actual airfield, and you can find tons of relics from the time when the Soviets used this for their tanks and anti-tank-training.
Luxuriously enough, there was a public parking spot pretty close to our proposed entry route. So after parking, smoking a cigarette and stretching the legs from the three-hour drive, we grabbed our gear and went to enter the area and meet up with Pixelcracker and North Urbex who were already there.
The place is pretty big, so we conducted some research in advance to have a good plan which route would take us along the most interesting spots.
We met with the two guys right along the way to a small shelter that was used as a generator house.
After that, we definitely wanted to find the rusty old ammunition in the forest that we had seen photos of. We had rough coordinates, but it still took us some time to find it.
We took our first short break there before leaving the forest and walking along some overgrown roads passing various tank garages, parts of old cars and some barracks until we reached the original airfield's hangars.
Near those hangars is also an earth-covered garage.
During the Cold War, this earth-covered garage contained Soviet tactical ballistic missiles of the type SS-21 "Scarab" that can be equipped with nuclear warheads.
After passing the hangars, we explored the building of the fire brigade and the control tower.
On the way to our exit point, we passed more buildings with residential, administrative and recreational purposes until we reached the last of the large hangars before exiting through the front door of the former airfield, so to speak.

To find out more about the history of this amazing place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

Garage for SS-21 "Scarab" Missiles and Transport Systems

Station of the Airfield's Fire Brigade

Control Tower


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