April 12, 2018

Tour Report: Paint Factory R.

It was the final spot of our first tour of 2017 together with our dear friend Nordgriller Urbex. And it was one of those locations where you really had no choice but to park right in front of the location and walk right in. It worked nicely.
The location was an industrial ruin right in the middle of a suburban residential area. This suburban residential area literally had no public parking space except one possibility that happened to be right across the street from the desired spot. So we parked there.
There was a fence around the whole premises, but there also was an opening in the main gate - it hadn't been closed properly or it had been opened. But there was an easy way in.
It was a winter afternoon and the sunlight started to fade, so we concentrated our efforts on the ground level rooms first, worked our way up to the upper floors - as far as they were accessible - and saved the basement for last.
Being located in a residential area, many teenagers have left their mark on the location, but there were still some nice photos to shoot and even some machinery to be found.
When the sun was almost gone, we left the place - but not without being annoyed by some teenangers that called themselves "Youtubers" and whose kind is clearly the reason that last I heard there was no more possibility to get in after too many teenangers were making loud noises in that nasty-looking ruin that looks bad in the neighborhood...

To find out more about the history of this nice suburban factory and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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