April 21, 2018

Tour Report: The House of the Old Couple

The weather was still grey and it looked like rain, when we left the first location. I had gotten a tip from a local regarding the second spot, so naturally, we had to check it out.
It was a small house in the middle of nowhere. We parked the RV a bit off, but we didn't have to walk too far.
I went up to the building. The mailbox had exploded from too many newspapers - this place was clearly abandoned. I walked up to the front door. It was closed. But maybe...you never know...YES! It was open! I do like Denmark! Especially on the countryside, people rarely lock their front doors! Urbex paradise!
The house was really tiny and it had been trashed somewhat good. But there were still some really nice little things to find, especially in the attic, which of course was the most dangerous place to walk around...
Anyway, we all made it out safely, and we were happy to have found this little gem.

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