July 8, 2017

Hotel "Zoll"

In this case, the name and location can be openly said, since this place has been demolished in November 2016, about three months after my wife and I paid a short visit to this old hotel.
It was no priority spot for us, but it was conveniently on the way between two spots and we still had some time left.
The hotel was located at the western foothills of the Harz mountains in Germany, and we had taken a tour coming from the middle of the mountain range driving west. The hotel in Barbis in the German state of Niedersachsen was kind of the point where we turned around to drive back East towards the last location of the day.
There was a large parking place right next to the ruin of the hotel, so we just used that to park our car.
The hotel was surrounded by a construction fence that was none too secure, so we easily found our way in.
Time, vandals and various fires have taken a large toll on the old building. Hardly any furniture has been left untouched.
The only really interesting thing for me was that the kitchen had the exact same tiles that my parents used to have in our house when they built it in 1981.

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