March 3, 2017

Soviet Military Depot B.

My wife and I had decided to pay a visit to this spot - an abandoned depot of the Soviet forces in germany - during a short vacation at the end of May of last year.
Since we didn't have a car, we had to take the train and walk a while until we were near the place. It was one of those acces ways that look way too easy - just walk along the fence until you find the hole, find the nearest opening to the building and hop in.
It was that simple, and we were undisturbed the whole time.
The area is pretty large and the buildings huge, mostly empty halls and lots of graffiti, but the sunlight made for some nice shots.
A little highlight were some of the murals we found in the upper floors in one of the buildings.

To find out more about the history of this amazing spot and to check out all the photos from this nice big place, click the button below.

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