June 19, 2016

Saline Sanatorium B.

Unfortunately, this one was already undergoing renovation. I had planned this spot to be the second location on our tour through the Northeast of Germany together with Nordgriller Urbex because although I had only seen outside photos, it looked really nice and it was also located conveniently between out first spot and our last spot.
So we drove to this small village and quickly found the sanatorium - only to find out that large parts of the building ensemble have been demolished and that renovation has obviously begun.
But it looked so nice, so we sneaked around a little and were a little undecided. The interior of the main building was stacked with building materials and tools, and there was a construction fence around the whole place.
The only way to get in was through a hole in the fence. This hole of course was clearly visible from the street, so it looked a bit risky. But I decided that I wasn't going to leave this beauty without having tried to check it out, and I slipped through the fence. The others quickly followed, and we sneaked/ran along the side of the main house.

There was one intact building in the back of the property, but it was completely walled shut and overgrown, so there was no way in.
The main house was absolutely inaccessible. No open windows and doors, no holes in the walls, no way to get in. Only an annex of the main building was open. It was completely gutted, but you could see that it used to be part of the saline healing treatments that once were administered here.
There was nothuing else to see, so after about 30 minutes, we left the same way we had come and drove off towards the next spot.

To find out more about the history of this ruin and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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