June 26, 2016

Fiberboard Factory R. [Revisit]

It was almost October, so the days were getting noticeably shorter, and we only had enough daylight to explore one more location on the first day of our tour together with Nordgriller Urbex.
My wife and I had visited this spot together with two friends on a rainy day in November of 2013 and at the time, we weren't nearly able to explore all of this relatively large place, so we took the opportunity for a revisit.
The first time we were there, we had found out that the area was cut in half by a large fence, and the more "desireable" part was beyond the fence. So this time, we approached from the other side. We parked the car by the side of the street and found a small path that supposedly led to the industrial ruin we wanted to explore.
But we were stopped by a fence. We walked along this fence until we found a part that looked promising. Someone had already tampered with the wire fence, so after a couple of minutes, we all had squeezed through the tiny opening.
We were standing in a jungle. The only way to the buildings was through a "forest" trees and shoulder-high plants. We made our way through this sea of green plants until we got to the open area of the factory. On our way to the first factory building, we heard what sounded like steps on a metal floor, and we stopped walking to see where the sound came from. After a while, we started walking again, and then we heard a loud ruckus. A deer came running out of the factory hall and was trampling on some metal boards that were lying on the ground...
After that, nothing disturbed our exploration of all the parts we had missed the first time. The setting sun made for a fantastic light through the huge window fronts, and as we finally left, the full moon was rising over the wide industrial area.

To find out more about the history of this industrial ruin and to check out all the photos from this great spot, click the button below.

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