May 21, 2016

Prison 46

I had gotten a tip regarding this abandoned prison from a fellow explorer in Denmark who said that it might be a nice place for me to explore. So naturally, my friend Lichtbeschatter and myself added this to our list of potential spota for our tour in Denmark in August of last year.
After we had finished exploring the meat factory, we drove south through the beatiful Danish countryside until we got to a small village where we had been told we would find the prison.
I admit, I had been skeptical about this tip, because what I could see from the images on Google Earth hardly looked like a prison; more like a large residential building - and there were no photos on GE to undermine the fact that this was a prison.
So I was more than curious what we were going to find in the little village in Denmark...
The coordinates I had placed the prison right at the main road through the village - and there it was!
Right at the corner, opposite the local inn, was an old building that in fact did look like a prison. A small one, but a prison nonetheless.
So we parked on the inn's parking lot, grabbed our gear from the trunk and walked over to the building. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people around. On that particular corner was not only the local inn, but also a snack shop and a bus stop.
I didn't really care about the snack shop and the inn, because there was a way of getting near the prison without really being seen from there - but the bus stop was kind of annoying, because it was right by the prison. Also, there was a bus stopping at the bus stop right then, and a lot of people got out.
So we stayed at the bus stop across the street and waited until everyone had gone their seperate ways. Lichtbaschatter was worried about the police driving past or that someone from the snack bar might call them , and I told him that this village was so far away from the next larger town that it would take them way too long to get here in time. Then I turned around, started walking toward the prison across the patch of gras surrounding it - and a police car drove by......
They didn't stop and just kept driving, but it was a nice little scare. But that was our cue, because I said that it was very improbable that there would be a second police car driving by anytime soon.
So we walked toward the backside of the prison and foud a little shed that was right at the prison wall. We climbed in and found a small hole in the back wall of the prison. We slipped through and in we were.
It was a really nice place although it wasn't anything spectacular, but we found plenty of nice scenes to shoot.

To find out more about the history of this old prison and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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