May 13, 2016

Meat Factory B.

We got up early that Sunday morning since we had not only two locations planned but also a relatively far trip back to Germany again.
So we left my neice (almost) asleep and headed for the car.
The first stop on our way was at a bakery to pick up some breakfast. It was the first bakery either of us had ever seen where you have to take a number and wait to be served.
But the wait was worth it. The sandwiches we got were really good and the prices were also relatively moderate (for Denmark).
We only had to drive about fifteen minutes from the bakery to our first spot of the day, an abandoned meat factory.
The company that used to run this factory still exists today - many of you may know their breakfast bacon ;)
As I had expected, the factory has for years been a playground for kids, vandals and graffiti "artists", and they all have left their mark on the location.
Access was really easy - we just walked along the fence until we found a huge piece missing, and we just walked in. It appeared as though this has always been the case - no apparent security measures, the fences looked pretty old, no windows are's no wonder that there have been numerous fires and the vandalism has taken its toll.

After about two and a half hours, we left and headed back to the car to drive about 60 kilometers to the next location...

To find out more about the history of this industrial ruin place and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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