April 8, 2016

The Hotel by the Road

This location too was a tip I got from an urbex colleague in Denmark. My wife and I drove there on the way back from the steel company. Just to check it out.
It looked really cool from the outside. It used to be a "Kro", a Danish inn. Almost every small town in the Danish countryside has one of those, and it usually sits right at the main road. this was also the case here. We parked around the corner and walked around the premises. There was the road on one side (we saw an open widow, but it was facing straight at the road), bushes on the other, a street on the third and neighbours on the fourth side.
This didn't look too easy in terms of getting in without being seen.
So our initial check was done, and we went back to the family reunion.
That night, the husband of my wife's cousin (who is a lawyer in Denmark) told us that for trespassing in Denmark you can get up to one and a half years in prison. I asked him what's normal for trespassing if you get caught, and he said normally the police ask you nicely to leave.
This gave us a little more confidence to risk an entry the next day.

After the family reunion was over at around ten, we left and drove back to the old inn. We parked a little futher away that the day before and started a more through walk around the building. There really was no way in except the window facing the street. And lots of cars passing all the time.
After a while of thinking back and forth, curiosity took over, and I ran up the stairs, climbed on the railing, stepped over to the window and leaped inside.
This kind of forced my wife to come after me, and she made it in just as quick.
It wasn't spectacular, but it was a nice little explore.
And we dind't get caught.

To find out more about the history of this nice little place and to check out all the photos from this great spot, click the button below.

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