April 21, 2016

French Shopping Center B.

I had heard about this location on a lot of occasions. It was clear that it wasn't going to be especially spectacula, but since we were relatively close, my wife and I thought, "Why not add this as the third spot for the day.".
So we started walking.
And we walked.
And walked.

You know the situation when you think you should have taken the bus or a cab or something? And at that point you check your maps and you say "It's not that far anymore, I think we're almost there.".
But you're not almost there.
Not even close.

That happened to us a couple of times on the way from the Doctor's Villa to the next spot.
But we eventually got there, and from what I'd heard, getting in should be a piece of cake!
Well....no. Against all odds, we appeared to have chosen the day after all possible entries had been sealed. So we walked around the huge building and checked out ecvery window, every door and every possibility to climb up somewhere to find a way in, but there was nothing.
Just as we were both getting really frustrated from the heat, I found a small window that had obviously been boarded shut, but the boards had been removed. So I slipped in and checked out if there was a possibility to gain furhter access.
Finally a success! I called my wife and she climbed in. We had to climb across a lot of trash to get into the next room, but we were in.
As expected, the location itself has been completely trashed. Even the escalators havebeen removed, there are graffiti everywhere, and at least at the time we were there, not all parts were accessible.

To find out more about the history of this nice little place and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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