March 6, 2016

Villa Weltfrieden

As our last location for that day we had planned another abandoned factory owner's villa. In the German urbex community it is pretty well-known under the name "Villa Weltfrieden" (World Peace). It was actually the villa of the owner of the large stroller factory we had visited the day before,but had many uses during the time of the German separation.
As always, we first drove around the area for a little while looking for a good spot to park and maybe already spot a way in.
We did find a way in right away, but that was a loose fence right by the side of a street with lots of cars going up and down...
So we parked the car and tried to find a more hidden way in, but there was no chance. There are many residences right next to the property with the villa.
So we did what we had to do...walk up and down the street (very inconspicuous, of course...) and jump through the hole in the fence when there was no car passing.
After a short walk through some bushes, we had reached the villa. The way inside was easy; there was an open door...

To find out more about the history of this abandoned villa and to check out all the photos from this great little spot, click the button below.

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