March 29, 2016

Chateau K.

This one was the last spot on our summer tour last year, and it was a really nice explore as well. Originally more of an alternative, it turned out to be a little gem for my wife and me.
After we had finished exploring the mill and the mill owner's villa, we drove a little while to a small old town.
I had found some information on a mansion there that was built around the turn of the 20th century as an "optical upgrade" from a large farm hous or estate house, something which I understand was a very fashionable thing to do at the time.
The really "funny" part about the history of this "castle" however came up after the tour, when I found out that a former "owner" actually had worked for me as a call center agent!! And he was selling fake nobility titles!!!
Anyway, we drove up to the castle and found a public parking spot conveniently close to the park surrounding the building. The location was at the end of a street with not many neighbors and it was pretts overgrown, so we started our first walk around and found an open window at the back right away, and we climbed inside.
Inside we found that the masnion was mostly empty, but there was hardly any vandalism as well. The afternoon sun made for a spectacular light in the large hall, which became one of my favorute shots from the entire tour.

To find out more about the history of this castle - and the whole story behind the criminal mastermind who owned it - and to check out all the photos from this great spot, click the button below.

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