January 5, 2016

Neo-Gothic Castle B.

After we had explored the Baroque Castle I. less than we had hoped for due to the renovation measures going on, we got back in the car to check out another castle that was on our list.
On the way, we spotted yet another lordly mansion about ten kilometers before we reached our destination. But unfortunately, this one is partly being used and the owners didn't want us running around inside to take photos - which is actually pretty understandable.
The lady we asked was really nice though, but we had to drive on anyway.
After a few minutes we could see the abandoned neo-gothic castle from pretty far away, and it looked even more impressive than I'd imagined. The distinct little towers on the corners and on the median risalit give this castle a pretty unique look for the region.
The area isn't even fenced off in any way, and I think the castles park is a public park now.
We entered the building through an obvious opening in the basement wall, and the basement was also probably the most intact part of the building. The other rooms are mostly without a floor, walls and ceilings have collapsed and even if a lot of money is invested in the future, I don't think this castle can ever be saved - with the possible exception of the outside walls.

To find out more about the history of this castle and to check out all photos from this beautiful place, click the button below!

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