January 14, 2016

Ashes to Ashes - Crematory D.

For our summer tour last year, my wife and I had planned to spend a couple of days in the state of Saxonia. We had rented a room in a hotel in a large city and the plan was to visit locations in a star pattern from there.
Our list of possible locations had a considerable length, but the very first location really turned out to be one of the highlights of our six-day tour.
It was a location that I had first set my eyes on in 2013 when I first saw photos of it. The old crematory really had made an impression on me.
Since it was located conveniently close to the autobahn, it was a great spot to visit on the way south.
The ride south went surprisingly smooth; there wasn't too much traffic, so we arrived at the place around noon.
I have to say, I had counted on having a lot of trouble getting into this location, but it was really a walk in the park - literally.
Logically enough, the abandoned crematory is located right next to  a cemetery, and the gate to the cemetery was open. So we first walked around and checked out the old cemetery. Right next to the crematory, there is a small urn cemetery. Some of the urns have either been dug out by vandals or have been exposed by the weather. From the urn cemetery we walked along the walls of the crematory. There was no fence around the crematory itself and there was a hole in the wall that had been built to secure the front door.
When we entered, it really was more than I had hoped for. The mood in this place was unique - especially after we made our way down to the basement. It was fascinating to find out how this crematory - and probably other crematories of the time as well - worked.
For my wife and myself, this was a spectacular location and a great start of a wonderful summer tour.

To find out more about the history of this crematory and to check out all photos from this beautiful place, click the button below!

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