February 21, 2015

Distillery H. [Revisit]

Two weeks after our tour through the northern part of Eastern Germany, I got the chance for a revisit of the abandoned disitllery that I had visited with my wife for the first time about two months before.
An urbex-colleague of mine had expressed a huge interest in that location, so we got in the car and drove for about an hour until we got there.
It was sunday and the traffic in the street was moderate, but we still had to watch for passersby that might catch us jumping the fence.
We got in easi and didn't get caught, and the location was still in exactly the same shape it was in two months earlier. Nothing had been moved, everything was still in its place.
The ceiling in one of the rooms had collapsed a little more, but that was probably because of the storm and heavy rain a couple of weeks befor our visit.

Here is the loot from my second visit.
For all photos from this location, please visit my website.


  1. Sehr schön! Die Lichtreflexe in den Flaschen sind klasse.

    1. Danke Dir, Jakob!!
      Ist auch gar nicht so weit weg :)


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