February 11, 2015

Fiberboard Factory R.

This fiberboard plant should be the largest employer in the region.
Since no extensive forests were nearby, they wanted to produce Fibreboard of rape straw.
The construction of the plant took two years. In December 1955, the plant was started up. The first production year was marked by many technical and technological problems, but in 1957, already 420 people were employed.
The fiberboard plants' influence on the city grew, houses were built, a company medical care and company nurseries were established, and the public bus plan was scheduled to fit the needs of the workers.
Sales of the fiberboards were good and so in mid-1957, the four-shift system "Rolling week" was introduced.
The quality of the boards was continually improved, but with rape straw as raw material no further increase in production could be achieved. So all the technology in 1965 switched to wood.
The capacity of the plant increased significantly.
Environmental protection remained problematic over the whole time of existence of the fibreboard plant.

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