July 13, 2014

Hotel Henry

It was the best hotel in town.

Built in 1898, situated right at the side of a mountain in a beautiful forest region and originally named after the man who was the German Vice Chancellor under Otto von Bismarck, the hotel soon shot to worldwide fame.

In 1904, the existing facilities weren't enough anymore to acommodate the growing number of guests from all over the world, and another wing was added to the building.

At the time, the hotel met the highest standards concerning luxury and enineering.
It had its own confectionery, a restaurant in viennese style with pool tables, a central heating system and its own gas station. All this for up to 600 guests.

The architect built the hotel in half-timbered style.

We made our way inside and found ourselves in darkness, because all the doors and windows at ground level have been boarded shut. So we had to find our way using the flashlights. Found some nice details and even an old menu with venison specials in what appeared to be back-office rooms.

After that we made our way into (I think) a part of the restaurant.

But the best bit of the first part of this exploration was the bar we found. The name of it was "Dachsbau", which means "Badger's Burrow".
Part of the last furnishing is still there, mosaics on the columns, chairs and tables.
It almost seems like it's been left after a particularly messy party some 20 years ago and is still waiting for the cleanup.

From there we went on to find the "real" entrance into the hotel...stay tuned for more!

Part 1 | Part 2


  1. kennst du "alleine in der bar" von helge schneider? musste gerade daran denken... ;o)

  2. ...and the reason for its demise?

  3. ...and the reason for its demise?


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