July 24, 2014

Color and Glue Factory (Part 2)

In the 1920s, the company's product line was expanded to include decolorizers, stain removers, impregnation agents and similar products.
Next to this impressive product line, the company also produced flower fertilizer and hair spray.
They even produced modeling sheets and colors for easter eggs!

After World War II, not only Germany, but also the company became seperated.
In this (East german) part of the production sites, the usual product line was being kept alive on a smaller scale. After the involvement of the state in 1959 and the total nationalization in 1972, the planned economy production concentrated on adhesive agents.

But the business stagnated and the demand for products from this factory decreased.
After the German reunification, the state's escrow founded a new company which operated more or less after a fashion producing glue, before it completely vanished from the market in 2004. Since then, the factory has been abandoned.

After we inspected the air-raid shelter in the first basement, we went on with our exploration.

On the second photo, you can see that parts of the wall on the right have been rebuilt. Parts of the factory have been demolished and here is the wall to the next business. We could here the workers talk on the other side.
We then found the lab...

...and the stairs down to the basement with the chemicals...

Part 1 | Part 2

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