May 5, 2014

Got Wood? - The Abandoned Furniture Factory.

The origins of this factory date back as far as 1922, when the original woodworking company was founded and produced wooden houses and bedruum furniture. During World War II, the production was refit to produce accomodations for the officers and the crews of warships.
This connection to the arms industry led to the expropriation of the business after the war and to the conversion into a "people-owned enterprise" (Volkseigener Betrieb, VEB) in 1948.
According to the reparations contract, the company produced mainly oak furniture for bedrooms in the post-war era.

In 1946, the company employed 119 workers. In 1954, three woodworking businesses from the area around the city were incorporated and the number of workers increased to 224.
The main area of activity still was the manufacture of bedroom furniture. Furthermore, the company produced kitchen furniture to be exported to Poland.

Here are the first couple of photos.


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