May 27, 2014

A Coffee Substitute - Abandoned Malt Roastery

This one was a really nice add-on for a business trip I was on the week after my last tour.
I knew that the area I was going to is riddled with lost places and so I got there a day early, grabbed my gear and just went for a walk...and this was the first location I stumbled into.

I had checked the region on the internet and I knew that there were a couple of locations, but I found almost nothing about the conditions they were going to be in nor about names or what was produced there.
So it was really exciting to find this place. It was a djungle. The weather was great, and spring had really begun working on the plants. I was the only one there and from the looks of it, even graffiti "artists", homeless people and vandals hadn't been there for quite some time.

After I got out of there, I met a couple of senior citizens that appeared to be "natives", so I went up to them and asked them if they knew what this factory used to produce.
They immediately said that it used to be a coffee roastery.
So much, so good.
When I checked to find this "coffee roastery" on the internet, I found...nothing. Then it hit me! This was East Germany - they didn't really have coffee, they had coffee substitute!
So I checked for malt roasting companies and Bingo!
This was a malt roastery which manufactured coffee substitute for a large German company since 1906.

Here are the first impressions.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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