January 12, 2014

The Soviet Heritage - An Abandoned Garrison in the Woods (Part 2)

The 530 meter long building used to be the home for more than 1.100 soldiers of the German Luftwaffe from 1937 until 1945.
The airfield existed since 1935 and in 1936, a training unit was stationed there.
In 1940, various fighter squadrons were moved to the airfield in preparation of "Operation Weserübung".
After this, the airfield served as an intermediate stop and station for refitting for a couple of squadrons.
Until the end of April 1945, bombers were still starting from this airfield to fly airstrikes against the Red Army. On May 2, 1945, the place was occupied by U.S. forces and then passed on to the Soviets two months later.

I will say a little more about the use of the facility by the Soviets in the next post, but first, here are some more pictures.
We entered the building through the basement, so these are the first pictures you see. I have to admit - I found the ammunition in the basement pretty cool :)

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  1. But how this area remains untouched for so many years?
    It's cool that u found it................

    1. Surrounded by an electric fence...and the surrounding areas used to be a russian military training area and is still contaminated with old ammunitions, so it is a dangerous place...

  2. I don't find this location so special...if I think to the others you found. But I love the Neo-Gothic Mansion...beautiful location and beautiful photos!

    1. This location has more of a historical relevance than architectural beauty. Aside from the sheer size and the form there is nothing really special if you're not a fan of long hallways and really dark basements.
      But to think that the layers of paint and wallpaper are telling the stories of the past 60 years of European history:
      German fighter pilots were trained here and started here for the assault to conquer Norway and Denmark in 1940...American troops occupied the area in the final days of World War II...the Soviets' occupying forces had a regional headquarters here and used the grounds to train their soldiers, preparing the for an invasion by the NATO forces...
      Anyway, I think I know what you mean, but I also like to visit buildings that tell me, well, "different" stories :)


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