March 10, 2013

Waste Incineration Plant Revisited

Yesterday, I took advantage of the cold and windy, but still rather good weather to take another trip to the old abandoned garbage incierator plant.
The last time I had been there was almost exactly a year ago and sadly, a lot has changed since then.
The old chimney has been entirely demolished, and most of the metal parts are gone, too.
I guess, they were too dangerous since the rust had really been eating through them and there really was a good chance of the stuff collapsing on some harmless urbexer's head...

Anyway, it was still a nice visit with some nice pictures and a little video.

There is almost no stuff to find about the building's history, so most I know is really just hearsay.
The plant was probably the first commercial waste incineration plant in Kiel; it's building year is unknown to me, but I think originally it is from a time when there were a couple of private waste disposal companies that had divided the market in Kiel between themselves. The plant was closed in the 1970's, I think, when there was a new big plant built for the entire region, and so this one has been rotting and being vadalized for the past fourty-odd years.

Here's the video of my walktgrough:

And here's the rest of the photos:

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  1. First of all, i LOVE you blog!! i've always been looking for one which is about abandoned places. and second, where the hell can i find those places in Kiel? i've no plan where they are..

    greetings, kristina fuckedup.


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