April 16, 2024

Tour Report: Soviet Army Memorial D.

After the end of the Second World War, the eastern part of Germany was occupied by Soviet troops. The GDR emerged from this area in 1949. The Soviet troops occupied around 10% of the territory of the GDR. As part of the hero worship that resulted from the victory of the Red Army in the "Great Patriotic War", monuments and memorials were erected in many Soviet locations in the GDR - mostly by the soldiers of the garrisons themselves.
After the withdrawal of Soviet troops following the fall of the Berlin Wall, many of these monuments were forgotten, some were demolished and many were damaged by vandalism.
If the opportunity arises on our excursions, we try to visit and document these relics not only of the Soviet occupation, but also monuments to the liberation of Germany from the Nazis and - from our point of view - memorials against the war.
During our November 2019 vacation, one of these memorials crossed our path on the way from a location back to the hotel, and of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity to stop and take a few photos.
We were really lucky. On the one hand, because the two parts of the memorial were not yet completely covered in graffiti - which is now (2024) the case - and on the other hand, because the weather was really fantastic for photos, as the sun was about to set and the clouds were painting beautiful pictures in the sky.

To find out more about this monument and the pictures it shows - and to check out more photos - click the button below!

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