March 16, 2024

Tour Report: The School of Roses

From the car graveyard, we drove west parallel to the border, until we reached the next spot on our map - an abandoned "efterskolen" (boarding school). We didn't really have any expectations, since we only knew that the school had been closed for a couple of years. As we arrived, we saw that part of the premises is being used by a catering service, so we couldn't just roam around without asking.
So that's what we did.
We knocked on the door of the catering service. It took a while, but eventually, someone answered the door. We explained where we were from and asked if we could take a look at the old school. They told us that some buildings were unlocked, and that we were allowed to check those out. They didn't allow us to enter the buildings that were locked, becuase they apparently were being used for storage and other things.
So we took our time and walked around the premises.
The parts of the school that were open where almost completely ampty and without real decay, so it wasn't as spectacular as we'd hoped - but from the outside, the buildings looked really nice - espcially when the rain clouds came and were lit by the afternoon sun.
We still had one more location to check out, so we kept this visit short and drove further west...

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