January 26, 2024

Tour Report: Farmhouse "Red Beetle"

Just a few days after our trip to the old car repair plant, we set off again to various abandoned places. This time we were accompanied by our good friend Pixelcracker.
After a good ten months, our trip finally took us back together to Denmark - a country that I like to call "the little man's Belgium" when it comes to urban exploration, because there aren't really any abandoned chateaus or maisons there - but there are a lot of abandoned farms that are in no way inferior to their big "relatives" in Belgium.
That day, we visited two places that were passed on to me as insider tips - and they were indeed!
In both cases, they were (of course) abandoned farmhouses somewhere in central Denmark. The first farmhouse made an inconspicuous impression from the outside. The hand-painted sign "Adgang forbudt" didn't really manage to impress us, and we quickly discovered an open side door that gave us access to the barn.
There we immediately saw the main attraction of the location - a bright red VW Beetle in fantastic condition! Yes - the tires were flat, the exterior paint looked more gray than red from dust and pigeon droppings, and the chrome parts had a few small rust spots after so many years, but the interior still looked very good, and there didn't seem to be anything technically wrong with the car either.
It's really rare to find something like this!
In addition to the Beetle, there was also an Allis-Chalmers tractor from the 1950s in the barn - a tractor that I had never seen myself, so it was also a little something special for me.
There was a passageway from the barn directly into the living area of the farmhouse - and there was a lot to see there, too. There was still a lot of furniture, as well as crockery and the clothes of the former residents. Of course, some things had been ransacked and probably stolen, but the cobwebs and dust on many things showed us that nobody had touched anything here for quite a long time.
It was a really nice exploration to start the day off right, and the VW Beetle really was a highlight!
We were then able to relax and make our way to the next location - which was to surpass the first once again, so stay tuned!

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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