October 7, 2023

Tour Report: Sanatorium "Crooked"

The collapsed roof with the three gable windows was a scene that I had wanted to photograph for a really long time, and after we had explored the knight's manor, the relative proximity gave us the opportunity to look for an entrance to the old sanatorium.

The site, picturesquely situated on the edge of a small forest, is bordered on the north and south by new residential development, which makes access from these sides almost impossible - or at least reckless.

So we looked for an appropriately secluded parking spot so as not to attract the suspicion of local residents. From there, we sneaked a little off the forest paths through the woods and finally found an area of the fence that had been trampled down and was even completely missing in parts.

From there, we entered the site nicely concealed, without being seen from the residential buildings.

One can still guess how beautiful this sanatorium with its park-like grounds must once have been; today, decay and a whole lot of graffiti dominate the scene in the old walls.

The green of summer and the yellow of the afternoon sun helped somewhat to overlook the graffiti, even though it was omnipresent.

The main subject, however, was just as spectacular as I had imagined. To me, it's a perfect picture of natural decay as it should look. The collapsed roof and the three gable windows that seem to be leaning against each other, working together to delay the impending collapse. The whole thing framed by a cloudy blue sky and green nature - it's still one of my favorite urbex scenes.

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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