March 23, 2023

Tour Report: Railway Repair Factory "Green Desert"

In June 2019, we visited a good friend in the northeastern part of Germany, and on the second day of our weekend vacation, we went to explore a few abandoned locations.

Since the first location was only twenty minutes away, we took our time and had a nice long breakfast before leaving at around 11am.

The place was easy to find, and we quickly found a parking place that didn't kake us look suspicious. The problem was getting in. On the one sinde was an active railway area, and on the other sides were industrial buildings. There was a fence, and we hoped for an opening somewhere, but there was no way in.

We had to climb over the main gate. Of course, this was the least preferred, because most public, option, but we wanted to explore that place, so we had no choice.

Once on the premises, we didn't run into any problems and were able to take our time to explore all the remaining buildings of the old railway repair factory. It had been really dry the weeks before, but there was still beautiful green growth all over - outside of the buildings as well as inside. The old factory was in its final stages of decay. A lot of the roofs were already gone, others bravely fought against their collapse, and yet others already had collapsed, but were hanging by a thread, so to speak, to form a kind of tunnel for us to walk through.

What I found really interesting was the absence of trash. Usually, these old industrial areas are used by the locals to dump tons of trash, old furniture or unused construction materials. This was not the case here, most of the stuff lying around was just debris from the decaying buildings.

Although it was really hot (it was around noon, and it was a really sunny day), we thoroughly enjoyed our exploration of this place, and we took our time exploring every room that we could find. In the end, we climbed out undisturbed the same way we took to get in.

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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