April 3, 2022

Tour Report: Dairy Company "Stingray"

The abandoned buildings of this former dairy company in Denmark are part of a larger dairy factory that was sold and split up sometime in the past. One part was after that operated by a fish export company, and this other part has apparently been used for various purposes, including storage and auto repairs.
We had started our day of exploring in Denmark with a visit in the part of the factory that had been converted into a fish factory, and since we hadn't seen enough yet, we decided to also try to get a few photos from the rest of the buildings.
It only took us a few minutes to find a way in.
At first, we were a bit disappointed, because the buildings didn't continue the architectural style that we had seen in the fish factory. But the further we went, the more stuff we found.
The place had obviously been used as storage; there were so many things to be seen. Furniture, sewing machines, things that looked like they were used on a movie set, record players...
There also was some nice decay to be found due to a collapsed roof in one of the halls.
The surprise of the day came towards the end of the exploration, when we found what seemed to be a former car workshop. There were a few quite pricey engines lying around - for example a BMW 12-cylinder engine and the engine of a vintage Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

When we were back at the car and had just packed our stuff, a man walked by and told us not to enter the abandoned places, because the neighbors wouldn't hesitate to call the police...guess we got lucky :)

To check out all the photos from this place, click the button below.

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