November 25, 2021

Tour Report: Villa Dr. Anna L. [Revisit]

Our visit to the abandoned hotel took less time than we had expected due to the high level of vandalism, so we still had a little time and daylight left to explore another place on that day in November of 2018. Driving to a location however was out of the question, because it would have taken too much time, and we probably wouldn't have arrived until after dark. So we decided to take the easy option and just walk down the street a bit to pay a visit to the famous (or infamous) Villa Dr. Anna L.
I had checked out this place in 2016 together with a friend while my wife and her mother were having coffee, because they were too scared to get caught at the time. But this time, it was raining a bit, so there weren't a lot of people outside, and my wife felt a little safer.
Entering the house was easy - the front door was open.
Upon entering, I could already see that the years that had passed since my first visit hadn't been kind to the old house. More things had been stolen, others had been moved around, and the overall condition of the house hadn't improved either. Stairs were shaky, and some floors we didn't even dare to step on, especially on the upper floors.
Still - there were many interesting things left, and in the end, my wife was happy to have seen the place - after all, she is a pharmacist, so a doctor's office is an interesting place for her to explore.
And in spite of the vandalism, we still managed to get a few nice shots that made this visit worthwhile.

To find out more about the history of this creepy ol' place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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