March 21, 2021

Tour Report: Railway Repair Factory H. [Revisit]

We'd had our first "encounter" with this abandoned factory in summer of 2015, when we had it on our list of possible explorations. At that time, however, we could see that the place was pretty busy - we could see construction workers and a security service. They weren't in any of the buildings that we wanted to explore, and we probably could have gotten in without being seen, but we decided that the risk was too high.

About a year later, I got the chance to try again. I was in town to meet some friends, and I took the opportunity to go for a bit of exploring. I found a pretty cool access to the place and was completely alone the entire time - it was amazing!

So when we were in the area during our summer vacation in 2018, we decided to try again, so that my wife also had the chance to explore this neat place.

It was a really hot day (just like every day was a really hot day during that particular summer...), so we tried to find a parking spot that didn't involve walking too far. As we had gathered our gear, we headed towards our access - it was still the same access that I'd used more than two years earlier, and it was still open!

As we entered the abandoned factory halls, silence engulfed us. It seemed as if the thick, hot air swallowed up every sound that tried to make its way in from the outside. The sun took care of the lighting for us, and nature had painted the walls and floors in the most lovely shades of green.

The place hadn't really changed, it still was as beautiful and colorful as I remembered it. We took our time walking through every single factory hall, exploring every corner and enjoying the fact that we were completely alone in this huge place.

After about three hours, we left the place and got back into the car. We still had to drive about 150 kilometers to the next station our summer tour. For the next day we had planned to meet up with a friend to explore a few relics of the Soviet occupation in Eastern Germany - so stay tuned!

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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