February 13, 2021

Tour Report: Recreation Home "Castle"

As we drove through the wilderness of Eastern Germany on the way to an abandoned sanatorium during our summer vacation in 2018, we came across this former recreation home sitting on the slope of a densely forested mountain.

Finding a place to park, however, proved a bit difficult on this one. The place is situated on a heavily frequented county road and only has a small access road going up the hill. Only the entrance to this road was wide enough for us to park and still leave enough room for possible forest workers that do tend to show up once in a while to cut down trees and who might get mad if they find their access blocked.

So we parked as close to the main road as we could to leave as much room as possible, which meant that the passing cars were speeding right by us with only a few centimeters in between. Not a nice feeling. we hurried up to get our gear together and walked up the small, leaf-covered road until we reached the old castle-style building.

The foundations of the place were made of large stones, so it even more looked like a castle, but we saw a lot of trash lying around, and many of the windows were walled up tightly, which didn't give much hope for the rest of this explore. As we reached the entrance, we found it open - but it obviously was being walled up over and over, only to be opened again by vandals or teenagers (the latter supported by our finding lots of empty liquor bottles, beer cans and disposable barbecue grills).

We entered through the hole in the wall that once was the main door and found the place inside just as trashed as the outside. The building was pretty much gutted. Except for the architecture, the arched windows and some old wooden appliances, nothing showed the former glory of this once popular recreation home. A fire has destroyed the staircase, so there was no way to get to the upper floors, and we left after taking only a few photos to document the place.

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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