January 9, 2021

Tour Report: Cable Factory K. [Revisit]

On the second day of our spontaneous tour in June of 2018, we took it a little slower than the day before and explored only one location. It was really hot outside, so we didn't want to have to walk too far.

We decided to check out an abandoned chemical factory that I'd visited in 2014 and that wasn't too far away. We took the subway and the bus to get there, but as we arrived, we saw that every single door was sealed tightly. No chance to get in. So we chose to go for a revisit in the old factory next door. I had visited his place together with my brother in 2014, but my wife didn't have the chance to come with us at the time, so this was a nice opportunity for her to check the place out.

Although much had changed in the surrounding area (new apartments had been built along with parking lots), the access that we had taken four years earlier still worked nicely. The place consists of two huge factory halls with the adninistration building in the middle between them. We entered the factory in the first of the two halls.

Of course, there was a lot of graffiti, but the spring had put a lot of green plants into the hall, so it almost looked like a jungle. Nature reclaiming industrial sites is something that I really like to photograph, and we took our time to look at everything.

As we exited the first hall to get to the administration building and the second hall, we suddenly stood right in front of a yellow container - just like the ones frequently used by security services... We couldn't see if anyone was inside, so we decided to take the risk and just walk past it. When we had almost reached the next building, the container door opened and the security guard came out. He had us.

It is our habit never to run from security, but always be friendly and polite, admit to trespassing and saying that we're sorry. In most cases, when the security guards see a rather expensive camera and two people in their mid-forties, they usually believe that we didn't trespass to vandalize anything and let us go. It was the same in this case. The security guard was in his twenties, and we really had a nice talk with him for about a half hour before he wanted to let us out of the main gate.

I told him that we'd forgotten to take a selfie in the factory hall and asked if he'd give us five minutes - and he did. This was a good example of how polite and friendly behavior can help you to not get in trouble even if you got caught trespassing.

To find out about the history of the place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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