May 27, 2020

Tour Report: Hotel "Porphyrite"

After exploring a cave the day before and having to walk a really long way for that, we decided that we wanted a location with a parking spot not too far away to start out the following day. And so we went to check the map and the list of potential objects I had made, and we did find a nice spot.
The old abandoned hotel is located nicely near a public parking lot and right next to a hiking path, which was a nice way not to look suspicious walking around the abandoned building with backpacks and tripods.
The weather was on our side as well - just as we arrived, it started raining, so there weren't too many hikers. We parked the car, got our gear together and waited until there were no more hikers in sight. Then we "hiked" up to the hotel, and I tried the door. It was open.
Upon entering, we didn't really feel safe. A part of the hotel is massively deteriorating. Some floors are beginning to collapse on the floors below them. The other part is in surprisingly good condition, and although you can see that many "interior decorators" had their way with the rooms, there is not much vandalism.
We took our time to explore all the rooms that we could access. Due to the heavy decay however, some rooms remained off limits for us. There may have been another way into that part from the outside, but there were workers on the property next door, so we refrained from trying that.
When we were finished, I made a short video (link below), and we went back to the car to drive to the next location.

To find out about the history of this place and to check out more galleries from abandoned places, click the button below.

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