September 26, 2019

Tour Report: Brass Factory E.

It was raining a lot, but that wasn't going to spoil our day! After we had gotten out of the bunker below a factory, it took some time for us to get to the car, because the rain had really gotten heavy, and we had to find shelter under a bridge on the factory premises...
The next spot that we had planned for the day was an old factory not too far away, so we took only one of the two cars to get there, and found a parking spot right across the street.
The factory was secured rather well at the time, and we looked around for a while before deciding to take the only option we'd seen - go through a hole in the fence, sneak along the river more or less pressed to the factory wall before climbing in.
Every stone, every piece of wood was slippery, and of course the ground had become took a little while, but we made it.
The factory was in various stags of decay - some parts were recognizably damaged by fire, some were still in pretty good shape. The place was pretty big, so we spent quite a while there - also, because the rain kept us inside the buildings from time to time ;)

It was a really nice explore together with our friend Töppi - check out his page here!

To find out more about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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