August 27, 2019

Tour Report: Railway Bridge D.

This one is more a monument than an abandoned place, but we were in the area and thought it might be a good place to visit and take some photos.
The drive from the abandoned garrison that we had visited first took about 45 minutes, during which the sky above us became completely clear of clouds. As we arrived at the old railway bridge, that had been a symbol for the German separation, we found a place to park right away. There is a free public parking lot pretty close to the bridge itself.
The bridge used to be more than 1.000 meters long before half of it was destroyed during World War II, so it was a very impressive structure, even as we were still relatively far away.
We took our photos, and I got a bit annoyed that there were no clouds in the sky. A clear blue sky without any clouds looks boring in most photos - but at least it wasn't raining ;)
The fortified bridgehouse was surrounded by scaffolding after Dutch investors bought the bridge and are in the process of securing and renovating it.
Of course, we slipped through the construction fence to get a closer look. There was a slippery, muddy slope that we had to climb in order to get up to the bridgehouse, but we managed and got to enjoy the view along the railway bridge to the other (East German) side of the River Elbe.
Towards the end of our exploration, we walked across the grasslands and admired the massive bridge piers that keep the steel construction on top in place.

The old bridge is definitely worth a visit, and since it is a monument, I can share the location:

To check out all the photos from this place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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  1. Schön, einmal eine "Freiluft-Location" zu sehen! Brücken faszinieren mich auch besonders. Liebe Grüsse, Miuh


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