July 13, 2019

Tour Report: Farmhouse "Danish Dynamite"

Only a few days after returning from a three-day tour through the mountains, we were visited by our good friend North Urbex, who was in the area for a few days to visit his daughter.
He "got permission" to go exploring with us for one of these days, and we decided to take a short tour through Denmark.
We decided to revisit two spots that we'd already checked out some time before but that were definitely worth another visit, and we had one spot that we'd newly discovered and still hadn't checked out.
North Urbex picked us up at around eight in the morning, and we decided to try the new spot first - in case it didn't work out, there were still the other two "safe" spots left for us. The ride took about one and a half hours.
Our target was an abandoned farm house. It was a small town and there were no side roads to "hide" the car, so we parked just a little bit down the main road and walked back to the house. It was completely grown in from the front, and we could see that there was no way in from that side, so we had to check the back.
There was a mud road next to the house leading to a field. Farm machines were standing on the property on the other side, indicating that there might be a farmer nearby, but we couldn't see or hear anyone, so we made our way through the undergrowth on the backside of the house and found an open window.
Getting in was easy from there on out. A quick step up on the windowsill, and a little squeeze to get in, another step down inside, and it was done.
We then started our explore.
I am sure that many people would say that this place didn't have much to offer, but I really liked it. There was a bit of furniture left - I was especially thrilled by the old red sofa we found in one of the rooms.
On the stairs down to the basement, we found a can of clams that had expired in 1987 - I would think that in some countries this counts as a biological weapon ;)
As we entered the barn, I found an old wooden box with a faded print on it: "EXPLOSIV VARA - Nitroglycerin Aktiebolaget". Although the company in the print is from Sweden, this find begged for giving the place the name "Danish Dynamite".
This farmhouse was a great location to start a day of exploring! After about 90 minutes or so, we climbed back out, went back to the car, had a little bit of breakfast and drove off to the next location...

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